Unless you have organized your own transportation to İ.D.V Bilkent High School, Mithat Çoruh Amfi, Bilkent Otel and other places that the conference will take place in, we recommend you to accommodate in Bilkent Hotel since our transportations are available for those who stay there (check out the transportation schedule below).


25/10/2019 Friday

When: 14:00
From: Ankara Esenboğa Airport
To: Bilkent Hotel

When: 15:55
From: Bilkent Hotel
To: Mithat Çoruh Amfi

27/10/2019 Sunday

When: 19:40
From: Private Bilkent High School
To: Louise Cafe Brasserie & Loft

When: 22:10
From: Louise Cafe Brasserie & Loft
To: Bilkent Hotel

28/10/2019 Monday

When: 19:10
From: Bilkent Hotel
To: Ankara Esenboğa Airport

     Please arrange your flights according to our transportation schedule if you don’t have your own transportation organized. Our buses depart from Ankara Esenboğa Airport at 14:00 on Friday (25th of October) to arrive at Bilkent Hotel and our buses depart from Bilkent Hotel at 19:10 on Monday (28th of October) to arrive at Ankara Esenboğa Airport.