Rules & Procedure

Dress Code

Cultural or religious clothing items/costumes, as well as casual clothing such as sports shoes or denim clothing, are not allowed, formal clothing is recommended.

Alcohol and Tobacco Products

Since BHMUN 2019 is a high school level academic conference and it will be held on campus grounds, no tobacco or alcohol is allowed. Necessary actions will be taken against those who breach our regulations.

Food and Beverages

It is forbidden to bring or consume any food/beverage in the committees, especially during sessions. Snacks and beverages will be provided during coffee breaks.

Phones and Electronic Devices

Other than devices which are necessary for certain committees, it is permitted to use electronic devices such as phones during the sessions.


All participants should wear their badges at all times. The badges are needed in order for participants to be able to enter committees, attend events or benefit from meals provided. The replacement fee for a badge is 35 tl.

Flags and Placards

Flags and placards will be placed in the committees. It is important not to lose your flag or placard during the conference. The replacement fee for the flags is 30 tl.

The Conference Folder

This folder will include a pen, a notebook (consisting of amendment and note passing papers) and files necessary for the conference and your committee. If you lose your conference folder and wish to receive a new one, the fee will be 25 tl.


The participants are expected to be in their assigned committees on time. If a delegate misses more than --- committee session they will not receive a certificate.

Note passing

The note passing will take place with the help of admins. Notes including inappropriate messages or notes written in other languages than English are not allowed and will not be passed. Note passing will not be permitted during voting sessions.


It is a responsibility of every attendant to respect the admins and treat them equally as other delegates.


The information you will provide during the application will not be shared with any other source. We value your privacy.


Every source used in any work should be cited; BHMUN 2019 will not be tolerating plagiarised content.


At the end of each day, a newspaper will be handed out to every participant by the press members. The newspapers will be prepared by the press team and they will include informative, educational or entertaining content.


İ.D.V. Bilkent Highschool is a school that is sensitive about its students’ safety and the Bilkent campus is a secure location. Any violent behavior or carrying sharp objects (such as blades, knives etc.) that threaten the security of people are strictly permitted.