Application Overview

Bilkent Historical Model United Nations (BHMUN) is an educational simulation of the United Nations (UN) organisation. The Secretariat is looking for future world leaders to go back in time and debate serious issues during a past decade to ‘Innovate the Future’. Those who attend BHMUN come from a variety of backgrounds, nations and ethnicity. The BHMUN conference uses Harvard procedures which are very different to that of THIMUN affiliated conferences. We believe that having both a historical element together with Harvard procedure makes BHMUN an exceptionally unique conference within Turkey.


The Secretariat is responsible for assigning committees and the respective agenda items. The Under Secretary-General for each committee is responsible for providing the Study Guide that offers a context for the agenda items and corresponding dates. The Board Members ensure the committees are formally run according to Harvard procedure.


The conference is organised by high school students for high school students. All applicants at the time of the conference must be 14 years of age or older and enrolled in a high school. Once a delegate application has been made, the Head of Communication and Public Information (CPI) will email confirmation of your application and further guidance for attending BHMUN ‘23.


An application must be made on the BHMUN website in order for an applicant to be considered for a role in the conference. All relevant questions must be completed prior to submission. The system will provide information if the application has not been completed correctly.


Upon submitting an online application, the Head of CPI will email all applicants a copy of the BHMUN ‘Data Protection Policy Consent Form’. This form must be completed by all participants of the BHMUN conference, including organisers from the Özel Bilkent Schools and applicants from other schools located in Turkey or abroad. Further information regarding the collection, processing, use, storage protection and sharing of personal information can be found on the BHMUN website on the ‘Data Protection Declaration’ webpage: click here


Upon submitting an application, the Head of CPI will also email all applicants a ‘Code of Conduct Consent Form. This form must also be completed by all participants of the BHMUN conference. Information can be found on the BHMUN website on the ‘Code of Conduct’ webpage: click here


BHMUN Drive is a cloud based system for uploading and storing files online. This means BHMUN staff members, as well as individual applicants and advisors, can access a virtual space used for sharing files. Once an online application has been accepted, a Drive Code and Drive Password will be provided by the Head of CPI in order for a participant to access BHMUN Drive.

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Designed by Alp Afyonluoglu

Copyright © 2023 BHMUN | All Rights Reserved

Designed by Alp Afyonluoglu