Rules & Regulations

All BHMUN participants must read the Code of Conduct document found here and adhere to the rules and regulations stated below:

Dress Code

Cultural or religious clothing items / costumes, as well as casual clothing such as sports shoes or denim clothing, are not allowed. Only formal clothing is recommended.

Alcohol and Tobacco Products

BHMUN is a high school conference and is held on Bilkent University campus. TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL PRODUCTS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any delegate in breach of this regulation will be immediately told to leave the conference. Advisors have permission to smoke in designated areas on the university campus.

Phones and Electronic Devices

All delegates are permitted to use mobile phones during the conference. Mobile phones are only prohibited during unmoderated caucuses.


Participants are expected to be in their assigned committees, on time for every session. If a delegate misses 3 committee sessions, they will not receive a certificate.


All information provided to the BHMUN team will be kept private and secure. Such private information will not be shared with any one other than those required within the BHMUN team. We value and respect your and privacy.


Any information taken from the internet must be cited appropriately using one of the approved citation methods. BHMUN will not tolarate plagiarised content.

Copyright © 2022 BHMUN | All Rights Reserved

Designed by Alp Afyonluoglu

Copyright © 2022 BHMUN | All Rights Reserved

Designed by Alp Afyonluoglu