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KVKK Data Protection Policy Consent:

This Data Protection Policy Declaration provides Bilkent Historical Model United Nations (BHMUN) conference organization team consent for the collection, processing and use of personal data in accordance with 2016 Turkish Data Protection Law 9968. This declaration also provides consent for the retrieval, storage, recording, publication and / or display of personal data in the form of information, still images and / or video recordings prior to, during and / or after the BHMUN conference for online viewing by those who access the BHMUN website or affiliated social media.

By providing your signature on the application, you give Bilkent Historical Model United Nations organization team the permission to collect, process and use your personal data which is necessary prior to the conference to organize respective conference committee and badge information. Furthermore, this consent form allows the BHMUN Press Team to collect information, still images and video recorded content during the conference for publishing on the conference website, BHMUN Herald online newspaper or online BHMUN social media accounts.

We assure all participants that only members of the BHMUN Secretariat, Head of Communication and Public Information (CPI), Head of Internal Relations and Head of I.T. will have access to this data. We confirm that the data you provide during registration will be stored in a secure online database and will always be kept private. We also confirm that no inappropriate still images or video recorded content will be taken, collected or displayed.

The following Data Protection Declaration applies to all participants of Bilkent Historical Model United Nations (BHMUN) conference.

The data protection regulations take into consideration the:

1. collection, storage, access, processing, and use of personal data;
2. publication of personal data online;
3. disclosure of personal data to third party companies.

Prior to the BHMUN conference, all participants must provide:

A. consent for the collection, storage, access, processing and use of personal data;
B. consent for the publication of personal data online;
C. consent for the disclosure of personal data to third party companies.

Limited information is shared with third party companies for printing purposes which is explained further in this declaration. All rules and regulations regarding the collection, storage, access, processing, use, publication and disclosure of personal data are strictly adhered to by all relevant members of the BHMUN conference team. Once data is collected, the following BHMUN conference team members can view personal data supplied by the applicant(s):

Deputy Secretary-General(s) of Academic Team
Deputy Director-General(s) of Organisation Team
Head(s) of Communication and Public information (CPI)
Head(s) of Internal Relations
Head(s) of I.T.

All participants’ personal data is strictly limited to these members meaning no data is communicated to others within the BHMUN team.

1. The collection, storage, access, processing, and use of personal data

The Personal data of all participants is collected prior to starting the BHMUNconference. This includes:

Full Name;
Date of Birth;
Turkish ID or Passport Number;
Email Address;
Mobile / Cell Phone Number;
Mailing Address;
Full Name of Institution;
Details of Prior MUN Conference(s) Attended
Acceptance of the BHMUN ‘Code of Conduct’.

All data collected is stored on Google Drive under the BHMUN conference organisation using email address. All personal data can be accessed by only the aforementioned BHMUN conference team members who were elected to their respective roles by the BHMUN club members for organisational purposes directly relating to the BHMUN conference.

A participants’ date of birth is necessary in order to observe the restrictions placed by the BHMUN team members to ensure all participants meet the minimum age requirements for attending the event. The Turkish citizenship number or passport information is collected to ensure the identity of each participant. The mobile number, email and mailing addresses are collected to ensure the appropriate means for communicating with each participant. The institution name is collected to ensure all participants are attending from a high school. For any serious cases, for example smoking or illegal substance abuse such as drinking alcohol, the relevant school principal will be contacted and informed since BHMUN conference is a school related event. We welcome any participant who has a disability as the conference is open to all those who wish to participate in debating world issues. Details of any prior conferences is requested to ensure participants are allocated to suitable committees for the duration of the conference.

2. Publication of Personal Data Online

Some personal data is uploaded to the BHMUN website and affiliated social media accounts. This data includes, but is not limited to, name and surname, still images and / or video recorded data. This data will be held on the BHMUN website and affiliated social media accounts unless a request is received in which to remove it. Participants may request to have this data removed without indicating any necessary reason. Any participant may email such a request to the Head of CPI at:

3. Disclosure of Personal Data with Third Party Companies

Participant names and surnames are printed on ‘badges’ prior to the start of each BHMUN conference which must be worn at all times by each and every participant. These badges are used to gain entrance to Bilkent University campus and Bilkent Hotel which are the locations used throughout the four day event. Permission will not be granted to enter either location after the badge has been issued to ensure security is maintained at all times throughout the conference. At the end of the conference, a certificate of attendance is given to all participants who meet the minimum requirements. Some delegates are also given an award for ‘Best Delegate’ that includes a small placket with their full name engraved.

All participant names and surnames are shared with Bilkent University security so they can maintain control of access for those who have and have not been authorised to be on campus at any given time.

4. Right of Access and Revocation

Each participant has the right to request information about all peronal data collected, stored, accessed, processed or used by BHMUN team members. This information will be provided by the Head of Communcation, Public Information on behalf of BHMUN conference organisation. The consent to the collection, processing and use of personal data given by each participant can be withdrawn at any time without indicating any necessary reason. This also applies to the consent of online publication(s) and display of still image(s) and / or video recorded data. Any such participant can email their request to the Head of CPI at:

Please click the box below to download the BHMUN Data Protection Policy Consent form:

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