Committees & Agenda Items

Office Administrative and Budgetary Committee (LEGAL)

Agenda item: Organizing the legal framework of laws for space expolaration

Year: 1967


After the conclusion of the Second World War, Europe was left distraught with the Soviet Union and United States remaining as virtually the two juggernauts to establish the new world order. However, organizing a new order was easier said than done and resulted in rising tensions between the two superpowers. Coincidentally, space exploration was flourishing during the same era as Nazi Germany has launched the first man-made object into space during the war under the supervision of Werner von Braun. Following these accomplishments, a new-found interest in space exploration amongst the governments and the people of both the US and the USSR, combined with the tensions and competition between the two powers resulted in the iconic Space Race. Even if ventures into space was exciting, it was still an adventure that humanity had never experienced before and some ground was to be laid in order for it to be kept in control. This single issue is what our committee is aimed to address. Delegates are expected to set the legal borders and regulate this phenomenon in the best interest of humanity.