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Historical Joint Crisis Committee 2 (HJCC)

Agenda item: Gallipoli Campaign


The Gallipoli Campaign (1915), also known as the Dardanelles Campaign was a military operation initiated by the Entente Powers -the British Empire, Russian Empire and France- against the Ottoman Empire. Primarily led by British forces, the campaign unfolded with a series of amphibious warfare, naval and land battles.

Gallipoli Campaign is considered to be one of the main determinants of World War I and sets the scene for the Turkish War of Independence, with Commander Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s rise to prominence.

In this Joint Crisis Committee, as we delve into this agenda item, commanders and leaders of both the Entente and Ottoman Cabinets are expected to relive this pivotal moment in history, showcasing the complexities of international warfare and diplomacy.